The triage is the sighting and categorization / prioritization of injured persons. Especially in the case of major incidents (e.g. terrorist situations), the rescue forces are faced with a stressful and confusing situation.
So far, the sighting has been carried out using analog attachment cards. The reports to the operations manager / operations control center are usually only verbal. Information is often lost in these exceptional situations. The confusion is increased by the fact that isolated injured people move away from the original location.
In order to simplify the sighting I designed the wristband "iRscu". The categorization is done digitally via handheld and sent to the operations control center at the same time. The wristband also has sensors for measuring oxygen saturation and pulse so that the emergency services can be informed if the health parameters deteriorate. The control center can coordinate the helpers accordingly and inform the hospitals. GPS is also integrated to locate the injured, as well as RGB LEDs, which not only achieve extremely high visibility, but also allow the triage category to be adjusted quickly and easily (or even automatically).

Semester project, Industrial Design, HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences)
The wristband glows in the colour of the catagorised triage-catagory
1. The bracelet is started with the cross button. After it is connected to the tablet / handheld, it is ready for use.
2. The examination results collected by the rescue workers are stored in the device via a tablet / handheld that is carried along and sent to the operations control center at the same time.
3. Depending on the triage category, the triage bracelet changes color.
4. The bracelet automatically records vital parameters and the location, saves them and sends them to the rescue services in real time.
5. The bracelet can only be switched off by qualified personnel.

"I see people lying on the floor and people crouching next to them and comforting. I don't notice anything around me anymore. I just hear someone shout something about a gas bottle."
– Eyewitness quote by Diana W., first aider at Breitscheidplatz (Berlin) after a terroristic attac, December 19, 2016

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