We want to raise awareness of gender inequality in a playful way. Herefore we developed the »Feminism Quartett«, a card game comparing women’s rights worldwide.
Team work with Sarah Payne and Milan Bergheim
Short term project / Industrial Design / Universal Design Thinking, Prof. Birgit Weller / HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences; February 2018

Until the #metoo-campaign, many people were unaware of how differently men and women are treated: Women are still payed less and employed less than men globally.
If you compare the same job position, hours of work and qualification, women earn only 60 – 70 % of men’s wages. Furthermore women are very often the victims of violence, physical and psycological. Many cases of sexual violence go unheard or aren’t brought to justice. And although women make up 50.8 % of the worlds population, they are severly underrepresented on a political level. Only two countries in the entire world have 50 % or more women in parliament.
Why a Quartett-game?
Kids play with Car-Quartetts and have fun. They learn about cars, brands, horsepower
and CW values and get educated. When we were looking for a tool that educates people
about women rights around the world, we found the same principle to be very suitable. Furthermore we added an illustration of a famous women’s rights activist in each country, with one of her quotes and some vita on each card. It is also perfect for school use.
How to play?
Every player holds a stack of cards, reads the one on top and the one who starts
picks one fact and name it. Everybody has to compare the same fact then. Afterwards
it must be discussed in the group, which value wins. There are no hard and fast rules about how many children one should have and which is the best age to get married, but it initiates a discussion about social equality and therefore women rights. To make a step forward towards the equality of men and women we have to start cleaning everybodies heads from stereotypic thinking and judging. By bringing a discussion we hope to be part of the progress.
Enjoy the game and fight for women’s rights!
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